Sermons by Fr. Nicholas Alford

A Sermon for Low Sunday

Icon St. Thomas

Today, in the Church, we have another one of those days with many names: first today is called Low Sunday in contrast with the high of Pascha. Then Quasimodo Sunday - from the Latin incipit for today’s introit (where we heard that like new born babes we are to desire the spiritual milk of God’s word in order to grow). Then today is sometimes called … More...

The Lives of the Saints

St. Mark, the Evangelist

St. Mark

(Feast Day ~ April 25) As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations in 2006, some of us wrote descriptions of our journeys into Orthodoxy - the stories of our conversion to this faith and way of life. Many of these stories reveal a slow, gradual path (some with detours and tangents along the way) before we finally found the home we were … More...

Latest News

April Newsletter


We share in the joy of Sister Michele Green, as she has now been clothed and received as a member of the religious community of nuns at the Monastery of the Transfiguration in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Thanks to the monastery’s on-line streaming of all their services, we were able to witness the ceremony. We will … More...

The Good News of Orthodoxy

From a Sermon by St. Melito of Sardis

Crucifixion from Missal

There was much proclaimed by the prophets about the mystery of the Passover: that mystery is Christ, and to him be glory for ever and ever. Amen. For the sake of suffering humanity he came down from heaven to earth, clothed himself in that humanity in the Virgin's womb, and was born a man. Having then a body capable of suffering, he took the … More...